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What an octopus can teach us about life...

By Wellness & Yoga with Christine

Reprinted with permission

The beautiful connection between humans and animals

I am sitting here sipping a cup of coffee and snuggling with Ms. Ringtail, my recently adopted cat. As most of us pet owners know (and there are many of us out there; an estimated 68% of U.S. households have a pet), pets can bring so much joy to our lives. Studies show that in addition to keeping us company, pets may also decrease stress, improve heart health, and even help children with their emotional and social skills. Ms. Ringtail certainly brightens up my days, even if she sleeps 20 hours a day. Lucky cat!

When I think about the beautiful relationship between humans and animals, my mind immediately goes to a new Netflix™ documentary I recently watched. You might have heard about it; the Washington Post called it the must-see documentary of the year.

"My Ocoptus Teacher" is a fascinating and heart-warming documentary about a genuine relationship between a man and an octopus. Craig Foster, the director, is a freediver and filmmaker in South Africa.

At the time of this filming (in 2010), Craig Foster was a middle-aged man dealing with career exhaustion and depression. He was lost. He wasn't enjoying his career and didn't know what to do next. He knew he needed to be in the ocean, his go-to happy place as a child. He started to dive as a way to heal himself.

One day, he spotted an octopus and was captivated by it. Over the next few months, he gained its trust and they formed a relationship so unexpected and beautiful. During their year together, he learned about the unimaginable intelligence of this octopus.

This documentary is among the best I have ever seen (and I watch a lot of documentaries!). It's a remarkable film. It's called "a love story that we need right now" by some newspapers. I'm in awe of Craig Foster's fascination and his curiosity with this creature. I'm in love with the friendship exhibited between an animal and a human. And I'm inspired by the healing effects of nature and connection. We all need more connections in this world -- whether they are human to human or human to animal. Life is fragile (as you'll see in this documentary), but it is beautiful and fascinating. If you end up watching "My Octopus Teacher", please let me know what you think. Best, Christine


Christine Fuchs is a talented and passion yoga teacher, member of The Thread Yoga Collective, and owner of Wellness & Yoga with Christine

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