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Jen Warakomski

E-500RYT, Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master

Teacher and Mentor

Jen Warakomski is an E-500 RYT Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Hormone Yoga Therapist, and Reiki Master. She leads individuals and organizations on the path to reclaim their health, skyrocket their confidence, and amplify their connection to their highest self so they can make an intentional and influential impact on the world. Jen teaches with a combination of passion and a down to earth approach, guiding her students to effectively elevate their consciousness and life visions to new heights.

With thirteen years of professional health and wellness experience, and over 20 years of personal practice, Jen is devoted to personal transformation, holistic wellness, and conscious leadership. She’s particularly inspired to help people, especially women, take their health - and their lives to unprecedented levels.


After retiring from a 15 year career as a corporate executive in New York City in 2011, Jen relocated to Tuscany, Italy and founded Tuscan Wellness, a company that offers executive wellness events, teacher trainings, and retreats in and around Italy.


She holds multiple teaching certifications in Yoga, Breathing & Anatomy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy, Hormone Yoga, and Reiki. Her work is internationally recognized and published in Yoga Journal Italia, La Repubblica, Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine, and she continuously writes for various online health & wellness resources.


Jen is a university professor of Yoga Philosophy & Mindfulness in Florence, Italy, and she also teaches and coaches through her signature programs in one to one and group settings.


When she’s not guiding her students in-person or online, you can find Jen marveling at the fresh produce at the local Italian markets, riding her bike around Florence, or wandering through the olive groves near her home.

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