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Ilana Beigel


Teacher and Mentor

Ilana Beigel is an Amherst, MA-based mindful parenting coach, yoga  educator/professional, Speech-Language Pathologist, and mom of three with over two decades of experience helping families (including her own) increase connection, peace, and fulfillment in their hearts and homes. She helps busy moms cultivate patience and presence through yoga and mindfulness so that they have deeper, more meaningful relationships with their kids; and richer, more effective communication. She believes in the importance of conscious parenting and emotional intelligence as integral aspects of  healthy family dynamics, and raising the next generation of skillful heartfelt le.

She helps yoga teachers transform into confident, skilled, thriving yoga professionals who are living their dharma/purpose. She helps teachers connect with their unique gifts and talents, hone and refine their teaching skill, and develop the entrepreneurial business acumen needed so that they can be of service to their students while earning a living doing what they were put on the planet to do. 

Ilana brings her extensive background in Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy and her love of yoga and mindfulness to support and inspire others to parent and live with more purpose, joy, ease and flow. She has Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Science and a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders. She has worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Early Intervention, schools, hospitals and home care/hospice and has supported people from birth to death, working with patients ages 0-100+, and has practiced yoga (on and off the mat) for over 25 years. Ilana has nearly 500 hours of yoga teacher training with esteemed teachers at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, assists 200 hour and 300 hour trainings, and mentors aspiring teachers in Kripalu’s School of Yoga.  


She is a mother to three fast growing kids (now 12, 15 and 18) who are her greatest teachers about love, life and letting go. She would not be who or where she is today without embracing “presence over perfection”, continuously striving to become comfortable being uncomfortable, and finally - in her 40s - listening to her intuition about what she “wanted to be when she grew up”.

She guides online and in-person yoga classes that leave you more awake and alive in your body, more calm and peaceful in your mind, and more open and connected in your heart. She offers mindful parenting workshops, 1:1 life, parent and business coaching, as well as group programs that are fun, inspiring and transformative.  Ilana's offerings encourage you to be curious, to engage with life, to shift perspectives, and to continually evolve. She believes in moderation and balance yet has way too many books and documentaries in-queue. She loves baking, organizing, and knitting, and her happy place is curled up on a couch with a book, a blanket and a warm beverage.

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Tricia says,

Ilana is an excellent yoga teacher. Gifted with a calming presence, she is patient, empathetic, as well as poetic. She provides precise instruction for different levels at the same time, challenging us to advance our practice while not pressuring us to go beyond. After every class, I always feel both reinvigorated and relaxed, ready to face the rest of my day

Good Vibes

Michael says,

I came to the mat long before I met Ilana, but I find particular inspiration in her classes, as well as a pressing need to be present. I am grateful for her light, guidance, smile, sense of humor, wisdom.”

Happy Girl Jumping

Kim says,

I have been practicing yoga for about ten years now with many teachers - all have been good but it is a rarity to find someone who is a great fit for my personal needs. Ilana fits the bill. I especially appreciate how often she starts her practice with an element or idea that she weaves through the session and then comes full circle in the end. Thank you Ilana!”

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