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Danny Arguetty
MA, E-RYT 500

Teacher and Mentor


Danny Arguetty, M.A., E-RYT 500, and the Mindfulness Manager at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a yoga teacher trainer, mindfulness and wellbeing educator, and has written two books: Nourishing the Teacher: Inquiries, Contemplations & Insights on the Path of Yoga and The 6 Qualities of Consciousness: Practical Insights from the Tantric Tradition of Yoga. 

Danny is also passionate about supporting people and organizations to flourish through science backed mindfulness, wellness, and leadership education. He has over 15 years of experience in group facilitation, one-on-one coaching, curriculum development, and experiential teaching.

He is delighted to have had a chance to present on mindfulness and wellbeing at Facebook Seattle, Olson Kundig Architecture, Seattle Children's Hospital, Compassionate Leadership Summit, Gravity Payments, University of Washington Foster School of Business, School of Medicine, School of Social Work, and School of Psychology.

Endless gratitude to the eastern spiritual traditions that are the origin of all that I have practiced and taught for the last 20 years. They provide me with so many insights and structures for inquiry and learning. I am truly blessed that I came across these teachings which now serve as the backbone of the way I navigate my life!

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