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Trish Seville
Yoga Teacher, Movement Instructor, 
3rd year student in Classical Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Teacher and Mentor


Yuval Samburski is a NYC-based Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainer and Mentor, E-500RYT, YACEP and Reiki level 2. 

I support people’s journey to self-discovery through an inquisitive and reflective practice that is inspired by yoga, influenced by dance, and informed by science.


Growing up, I was in love with all things nature. I did my undergrad degree in Wildlife Biology and travelled to work and volunteer with environmental organizations in different parts of the world.  I wanted to make the world a better place. After spending a lot of time learning about the different ways humans could treat the planet better, I realized that first we must treat OURSELVES better.

I found my way to yoga in 2007 in a local gym and fell in love with the practice right away. In 2015, I completed a 250hr Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. Since then, I’ve been teaching all around the city, taken workshops from people around the world and filled my cup with all things movement and body.  I am currently in my fourth and final year of study at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. I am studying to add manual therapy to my offerings and in the meantime love to bring anatomical and physiological information into our movement practice.

By supporting people’s well being through both movement and touch, I’m STILL trying  to make the world a better place. The approach is just more personal.  When we free up restrictions in the body, maybe we free up restrictions in the mind. When we clear the body of pain, maybe we open the heart to love. By being fully present in our own bodies we may find more ways to be fully present in our spaces and relationships.

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Devon S.

Trisha is an amazing yoga teacher and so much more. She brings such great energy, knowledge and sense of community to her practice – and has been able to do this all virtually, which is a feat in and of itself! As a classmate of hers also studying Osteopathy I have loved the anatomical teachings she incorporates in the yoga classes as well as the mechanical principles of how the body can and should be moving. As someone who had never done more than a couple classes of yoga previously in my life, Trish has been great at making everything very easy to understand and follow along. I am now four weeks into taking her classes and cannot express enough how much better my body is feeling. I feel stronger in my step, more aligned, less aches and pains and am moving much more freely. She brings in mindfulness and gratitude into all of our classes, which I truly appreciate and has been very helpful. It’s the whole package! I would recommend her classes to anyone at any level and only wish I had started sooner - thank you Trish!

Good Vibes

Elizabeth K.

I have been practising with Trisha for over a year now, both in class and online.  Her easy going attitude and positivity always make me feel welcome in class.  I appreciate her encouragement to approach movement with a playful curiosity rather than a certain pose or “look” to aspire to.  Trisha’s classes are well planned and she begins each one by establishing a theme or area of focus.  Her cues are clear and easy to understand, and she offers suggestions for modifications and advancement, making movement accessible to everyone where they are in the moment.  I am so grateful that Trisha has brought her teaching online so that I can continue practising with her during this time.

Happy Girl Jumping


I love Trish and her style of instructing. She is truly the best instructor I've come across, and I have been attending her classes for many years now.


Trish is extremely friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. Her personality is very down-to-earth and authentic, and she seems to somehow remember all of her students and little details about them, which really makes everyone feel valued and welcome, and helps to create a sense of community and familiarity with her and her fellow students.


What I like about Trish's practice is that she is extremely knowledgeable about the body - a skill which informs all of her classes. Her practice is very body-conscious, and she always explains the reasoning behind certain types of poses and movements, which I find extremely helpful. She also always offers variations on different poses and movements for different types of conditions, body types, and moods, and offers a judgment-free space to help her students explore their bodies and practices in order to make it a more personalized experience. For me, personally, Trish's classes and before/after-class conversations where she happily gave advice helped me overcome a whole host of issues I had been having after a major surgery.


Even though the classes were no longer in person during the pandemic, Trisha still makes them feel special, and her classes have really helped add some much-needed structure and stability in this otherwise chaotic time.

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