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Christine Bissonnette

Kripalu RYT 500, LMT, IPT, and NCBTMB


Christine Bissonnette, Kripalu RYT 500, LMT, IPT, and NCBTMB provider brings two decades
of experience to her yoga classes and programs. She is passionate about service and deeply curious about how people can facilitate sustainable transformation to enable a more peaceful and pain-free life.


As a holistic health educator she embodies the teachings with playfulness, walking the path together to create space for personal and global transformation. Christine lives in the inquiry that it is “your yoga” leaving space for each individuals expression of the practice.


As a former ballet dancer & teacher she was always intrigued by movement, by flow. She saw some bodies moving with struggle while others with ease, little did she know that that interest would shape her future.


Becoming a mother in 1993 turned her attention to making sure she was contributing to the world in a more positive and meaningful way, wanting to leave this Earth a better place for her son and for all children. The path of parent has fueled her deep desire to bring gross & subtle self care tools to children as well as adults.


Movement in dance and wanting to be of service led her down a natural path to massage therapy, yoga and meditation. A graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2001 gave her a strong anatomy foundation from their lineage that began in 1950. Walking through the doors of Kripalu over 15 years ago was another huge “a-ha” moment. The compassion was palpable and she knew this special place will forever be called home.


Christines many years working at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, in private practice, in
medical settings, and in Hospice has allowed her to be witness to a vast variety of bodies in different stages and abilities. She is deeply passionate with her students in understanding movements within their bodies at a functional level, her classes and workshops focus on how to live a pain free life with joy, ease and compassion and taking that off the mat and into their daily lives.


She lives her days in gratitude for these practices and when not teaching you can find her going for walks in nature, Kayaking, chanting mantra and being a forever student.


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Lee Albert, LMT & author

“I highly recommend Christine, her yoga classes and healing sessions are
transforming. Her skills as a Kripalu yoga teacher and a massage therapist gives her an
extraordinary approach to yoga. Start to feel better in your body and have more joy and
peace in your heart!”

Good Vibes

Nancy Whitman, MA LMT, RYT, PTS,

“Taking a class with Christine is an invitation to step onto the mat and leave your day
behind for an hour. Christine's clear and compassionate guidance allows you to move
through your practice with freedom and confidence, as you begin to discover all parts
of yourself. Truly a pleasure”.

Happy Girl Jumping

Alicia Leeds Meyers

“If you need a reminder to pay attention to your body with loving care- Christine's class
is for you. She offers an invitation through the practice of gentle yoga, to turn towards
the self with kindness. Her sequencing guides the body to a sensation of increased
openness and freedom and her clear, informed cues create a safe space to explore.
Christine's class always refreshes and renews me- and being her student is a gift!!”

Image by Deniz Altindas

Wendy, Yoga Student

“I have loved Christine's Yoga classes on Tuesday evenings! So restful and restorative.
She is the best kind of teacher, knowledgeable, kind, warm and welcoming to all levels
of novice or expertise. She often describes it as 'Your Yoga' and that kind of acceptance
is beautiful!”

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