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Beth Filia

Teacher and Mentor

When it comes to yoga, I want the whole kit and kaboodle. I want the devotion, the strong postures, big connection with philosophical themes. I want to hear music! Sanskrit! I want to feel every idea and word in my body. And I think you should, too.  


I have been teaching vinyasa and yin yoga since 2005. I completed the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training with Sharon Gannon and David Life in 2012.  I owned a community-based yoga studio in New Jersey for ten years during which time I taught weekly classes, led teacher trainings, and organized and facilitated workshops and retreats. I led kirtans and mentored teachers. I marketed the studio’s programs with integrity, humility, and pride. 


Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a classroom teacher. Somewhere in there, I led public health educational programs. I now work as a therapist and lead “regular” and trauma-informed yoga classes through my practice, Present Counseling and Movement, in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m passionate about teaching and healing and bodies and brains. All of my work is fueled by my deep respect for people’s strength and inner intelligence. I feel the spark of spirit and I know we’re connected. 

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Anonymous Student, NJ

I haven't found other classes that have made me feel as connected to my big Self/God/"all of it" the way I have in your classes. It's helped my practice feel really purposeful and joyful in a way that I haven't experienced in other yoga classes and have yet to find consistency within my home practice.

Good Vibes

Anonymous Student, NJ

I haven't found many teachers I connect with and have little access to them now. I consider you my yoga mentor.

Happy Girl Jumping

Anonymous Student, NJ

You're a one-of-a-kind yoga instructor and I miss my class/workshop experiences with you. The combination of philosophy, yoga instruction, hands-on assistance/love, and humor you offer is unique.

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