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The Thread Yoga Collective

is all about

Teachers supporting Teachers.

The Thread is a collective of teachers and educators in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda, & Mindfulness.

Our mission is to create, support, and grow COMMUNITY.

To support each other in becoming our best selves—personally and professionally—so we can all continue to do what we love while making a positive impact on the world.

College Students

What We Are


The Thread is a community of support. Us supporting you and you supporting each other so that you can go out and support your communities.

Who We Are

Learn and Grow

We are an amazing team of leaders and experts.

As part of this community, you will have an opportunity to learn from them as well as from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the other members in the collective.

Why We Are

Flourish and Thrive!

We not only want you to grow as teachers and educators, but we want you to grow well—to flourish.

We believe that like a rising tide lifts all boats, if each of us flourishes, our communities, as well as our industry, will be uplifted.


Upcoming Events

  • KOSHA YOGA  20-Hour Training: Anatomy, Human Biomechanics and their intersection with postural yoga  With Lora Heiner
    Jan 23, 10:00 AM EST
    The Thread Online Studio
    The KOSHA Yoga Program is a blend on live online sessions and pre-recorded sessions that take place between January and April 2022.
To learn more about any of our upcoming events
visit the Special Event Page ... HERE
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